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Comment: Amended details for installing wrapper as they were out of date


Optionally, the Wrapper can check the status of connectivity to the web service.

Installation of WSS Wrapper
Before commencing you must first install the Wrapper application on a computer. These instructions assume that you are installing the Wrapper on the same machine that the Synergetic database runs on.
Install the wrapper as distributed with Synergetic:Download the wrapper from the  (As of 2019 the latest version of the wrapper is Wrapper3

This will install the application as a service (WssWrapper_Java5) which is configured to auto start. See Checking, disabling and restarting Wrapper.
In the folder where the Wrapper is installed, there is a simple application testInstall.exe which you can run to test if the Wrapper can communicate with the Web Service.Once the wrapper is installed you can click the following link. http://localhost:7123/control/index.html If all went well a web page should be displayed
Possible causes for the test application to fail to connect to the web service: