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Use Payroll Maintenance to view and maintain information about payroll employee records for staff members at your organisation.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


View contact details for the community member, against which the payroll employee record has been created.

Payroll Maintenance - Personal tab.


  • general pay run details
  • termination details.

Payroll Maintenance - General tab.

Maintain taxation details including:

  • TFN or IRD Number (NZ)
  • tax scale or tax code (NZ)
  • income type
  • reporting amounts for rebates, fringe benefits, and tax paid.
Payroll Maintenance - Tax tab.


  • TFN declarations
  • Withholding declarations
  • Employee details declarations (NZ).
Payroll Maintenance - Declarations tab.

You can:

  • maintain annual salary details
  • view last pay details.


  • payment methods
  • bank account details
  • payment splits between payment methods.

You can:

  • maintain employee super fund details
  • view existing employee super funds
  • add employee super funds
  • delete employee super funds.

Payroll Maintenance - Super Funds tab.

Maintain details of each element making up the pay for the period.

Payroll Maintenance - Pay Details tab.

You can:

  • summarise year-to-date payroll for the employee
  • view year-to-date details by payroll code.

You can:

  • list key values of past and current pays
  • view details of pays
  • preview or email payslips.

Payroll Maintenance - Pays tab.

You can view historical changes in pay that have occurred.

Important: Pay events have been deprecated and the content displayed on this tab is for historical auditing purposes only.

You can:

  • view the current award and FTE arrangements of the employee
  • maintain work arrangements when the award and/or the hours per period worked change.

Payroll Maintenance - FTE tab.

You can:

  • maintain current leave entitlements
  • list past leave entitlements
  • add new leave entries.

Payroll Maintenance - Leave tab.

Maintain general comments for the employee payroll record.

Maintain documents linked to the employees file.

Maintain single touch payroll files submitted to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).Payroll Maintenance - STP Events tab.

View audit details of who last maintained the employee payroll record and when.

Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.

New Zealand organisations can use this tab to calculate holiday pay.Payroll Maintenance - Weekly Earnings Assistant tab.

New Zealand organisations can use this tab to view:

  • details of changes made to employees that may impact the Ordinary Weekly Pay amount used to calculate holiday pay.
  • weekly earnings snapshots saved on the Weekly Earnings Assistant tab of Payroll Maintenance.
Payroll Maintenance - Weekly Earnings History tab.