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To view a report, select the report area from the relevant menu. For example:

  1. Select Module > Students > Student Crystal Reports Available.
    The Synergetic Reports Available window is displayed, showing the reports available in the current module.
  2. Search for the report to display. See Synergetic Reports Available window key fields below.

  3. To view a report, highlight it in the list and click .
    Depending on the report, a Selections window can appear, allowing you to narrow down the reporting criteria.
  4. Select the reporting criteria you require and click either Print or Print Preview.
    A notification message may be displayed while Synergetic is busy generating the report. 
  5. If you selected to preview the report, or the default is for the report to be previewed, you can use one of the Crystal Reports icons (listed below).

    The Crystal Report menu screen is non-modal. This means that you can still access other windows within Synergetic while it is open. You can also launch multiple report selection screens while still having access to other windows in Synergetic. 

Synergetic Reports Available window key fields



Favourites / Module /
All Modules

You can choose to display:

  • reports that you have saved in your Favourites area
  • the available reports from the current or selected module
  • all available reports.

Search (flag)

Select to display the search criteria for reports.

This selection is remembered when you next open the Synergetic Reports Available window.

Clear to display the Favourites/Module/All Modules selection only.

Search (field)

Value to search for.
Also see the Report Description/Code field below.


Select the Auto field to automatically refresh the list of reports displayed, as you type in the Search field or change other search criteria.

Clear the Auto field to manually refresh the list of reports displayed. After changing the search criteria, click button (which is only displayed when Auto is cleared).

Report Description / Code

Using the value typed in the Search field, search for reports based on the:

  • Report Description
  • Report Code
  • both the Report Description and the Report Code.

Crystal Reports key icons



Close the report and return to Synergetic.

Go to the first page of the report.

Go to the previous page of the report.

Go to the last page of the report.

Go to the next page of the report.

Stop reading records and cancel the creation of the report.

Print the report.

Set up the printer.

Export the contents of the report. There are a number of different output formats that you can choose from, including Adobe PDF format, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or a comma-separated value text file (.csv).

Search for a particular character string within the report. Type the string you want to search for in the box next to the binoculars icon.