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Simultaneous copies of Synergetic
Sometimes you may need to run two or more copies of the Synergetic application at the same time. To run additional copies, minimise the current Synergetic copy and then double click the Synergetic desktop shortcut, or load Synergetic from the Start menu as you usually would.

Simultaneous Synergetic maintenance programs

Within Synergetic you can have multiple maintenance programs open at any one time. Each of these programs within Synergetic can consist of one or more windows. If you are unsure of what you have open, go to the Window menu. A list of all currently open windows is displayed. The current window is shown with a tick mark next to it.

: While you can have many different maintenance programs open at once, you can only have one copy of a specific maintenance program open at any one time. For example, if you have Current Student Maintenance open and you try to open another copy, Synergetic brings the open Current Student Maintenance program to the front.

The only time you cannot open additional Synergetic programs is when you have a modal window open; if you try to click anywhere outside the window, you cannot switch to another window or click buttons or fields in another window. You have to select something in the modal window or cancel it before you can do anything else with Synergetic. Most dialog boxes are modal.

You can always minimise all windows, including modal windows, by pressing the Windows key
 + D.

A modeless window is one that allows you to continue to work with the application while the dialog box is displayed. All Synergetic maintenance programs are modeless, so you can have several programs running at the same time and switch between them.

To switch between open programs: