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To create a new activity for an enquiring student:

  1. Open the Activity tab in Enquiry Student Maintenance. See Enquiry Student Maintenance - Activity tab.
    The Activity tab of the Enquiry Student Maintenance window is displayed.
  2. Click Image Removed Image Added.
    The Create new Enquiry Activity window is displayed.

Create New Activity window key fields



Created By

Person who created the activity. This is a read-only field.


Description of the activity. The available options are maintained in the luActivity lookup table. See luActivity lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Note: You must select an activity. The following window is displayed if you attempt to create an activity without selecting an option in the Activity drop-down list.

Activity Date

Date the activity is scheduled for.

Activity Status

Status of the activity. For example:

  • Complete
  • Incomplete
  • Waiting for someone.
    The available options are maintained in the luActivityStatus lookup table. See luActivityStatus lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Activity By

Person in your organisation who is responsible for the activity.
Valid values include all community members that belong to the FSAS (Future Student Activity Staff) constituency.

See Adding a community member to a user-defined constituency in the Community manual.

Follow Up

Indicates whether or not follow up is required.
Note: The activity record is displayed in italics on the Activity tab if you select the Follow Up field.

See the Follow Up Date field.

When creating activities, the Follow Up field may be selected by default for the type of activity. This depends on the FollowUpFlag in the luActivity lookup table. See luActivity lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Follow Up Date /
Follow Up By

Follow up date and person responsible for following up.
The responsible person must be a member of the FSAS constituency to be listed. See the Activity By field.

The activity record is displayed in bold italics on the Activity tab if the Follow Up Date is in the past.


Comments and information regarding follow up and mail requests.
Use any comments with the Mail Request field to record either:

  • A request for information from the student. For example, they may want you to send out more information on the music program.
  • Information to be included in a mail merge letter to the student. For example, the time and room that you are meeting with the student and their parents.

Mail Request

Indicates whether or not:

  • mailed information is required
  • a letter is being sent using the mail merge feature of Microsoft Word.

You can use a database query or a stored procedure to list all the people who have this flag set. For example, this can be used in mail merges with Microsoft Word. The crspFutureActivityPrint stored procedure has the advantage that, in addition to retrieving key activity data, it also updates fields to indicate when the letter was printed. See Using stored procedures to retrieve Synergetic data in the Extracting data manual.

Mailed Date /
Mailed By

Date of the mailed communication and who mailed the item. These are set by a stored procedure when merging mail. See the Mail Request field.


Type of application enquiry.