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There are a number of standard reports available to you to help you manage your debtors. See the folder of Crystal Reports supplied to your organisation.
To access these reports, select Module > Debtors > Debtor Crystal Reports Available. You can browse or search through reports:


See Running reports in the Introduction manual for general information on how to run reports in Synergetic.

Description of key reports



Debtor Automatic Payments

Debtor Aged Balances as at Date

Provides ageing at a given date.
Usually used for comparison by percentage between years.

Debtor Balances as at Date

Quick check to ensure the debtor ledger balances to the general ledger control account.

Debtors Owing Summary

Current amount owing with phone numbers.

Debtor Trial Balance

Most common report for up to date debt control.

Debtor Trial Balance (Extra filters)

Useful for selective control of debtor arrangements. Provides additional selections including:

  • arrangement follow up date
  • communications between selected dates.

Dialect Payment Codes

Shows Dialect Pay By Phone codes needed for payment of excursions and so on. These are general ledger receipts rather than against a debtor. The payment is broken in two values:

  • Primary Identifier - debtor BPAY reference
  • Secondary Identifier - comprised of a six digit G/L Code, used to allocate the payment to, and the Student ID.

    Note: This report is only required if you use the Dialect option for Other Receipts File Type in Banking Configuration Maintenance. See Banking Configuration Maintenance - Bank Files tab in the Finance manual.