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Use the Transfer Debtor Balances program to transfer debtor balances from one financial database to another.
For example, if your organisation has more than one financial entity, such as a swimming school which bills separately to the main organisation, you may want only the main organisation to collect the owed fees. You can transfer the balance owed from the swimming school so it appears on the debtors' statements from your main organisation.

The Transfer Debtor Balances program does not run automatically; you need to run it each time you want to transfer balances.

Also see Synergetic Financial Configuration - Debtors tab in the Finance manual.

titleOpening the Transfer Debtor Balances window

To open the Transfer Debtor Balances window:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Transfer Debtor Balances.
    The Transfer Debtor Balances window is displayed.

Transfer Debtor Balances window key fields and buttons

Selections area fields



Transfer to Database

Database to transfer debtor balances to. This is usually the main finance database of your organisation.

Fee Code

Fee code that appears on the transfer transactions. For example, Transferred from Swimming School.
Note: This fee code appears on debtor statements.

Date to Appear on Transaction

Date that appears on the transfer transactions.

Posting Information area fields



Posting Date

Date of the posting for the transfer transactions.


Description of the posting for the transfer transactions.




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Transfer any outstanding debtor balances.

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Close the Transfer Debtor Balances program without transferring balances.