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The Debtor Instalment Charges program generates debtor instalments by looking at when instalments are next due. It will only process instalments up to and including the Process Date.

All instalment charges are recorded and automatically maintained on the Debtor Maintenance - Instalments tab.

If instalments are marked as being stopped for a debtor they are not processed. To process stopped instalments, see the Debtor Maintenance - Instalments tab.

titleOpening the Debtor Instalment Charges window

To open the Debtor Instalment Charges window:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Debtor Instalment Charges from the main menu.
    The Debtor Instalment Charges window is displayed.
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Debtor Instalment Charges key fields

Selections area fields



Process Date

This date is used to verify the debtors who will receive their next instalment charge. Defaults to the current date.

Date to Appear on Transactions

This date is stored against each charge and appears on statements. Defaults to the current date.

Instalment Frequency to Process

Select to process only instalments of a particular frequency. For example, process only monthly instalments.

Override Next Instalment Date To

Set the debtor's next instalment due date to the selected date, instead of their next calculated date.

Max Number of Entries per Posting

Enter zero to have an unlimited number of charges in the posting.

Note: If there are too many entries in a posting, the transaction log in Synergetic can be filled up, causing an error.To prevent this error from occurring, you can specify the maximum number of entries that are to go into a posting. The recommended number is 500. If more entries are generated, Synergetic will generate multiple postings.

Posting Information area fields

These fields are used to identify the posting at a later stage.



Posting Date

The date to post the transactions.

The general ledger year end date and restrictions on the available posting dates are displayed for information.

Note: If you try to post to a prior or future period, you are prompted to enter the word PRIOR or FUTURE to confirm that this is what you want to do. Postings to any period other than the current period may affect figures from other departments of your organisation. For example, general ledger figures are affected if you post to a prior period.


Enter a description for the charges, based on the selections you have made.

Automatically Close PostingClear if you do not want to automatically close the posting.