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Version 71.0204

This section outlines changes to the Debtors manual arising from changes made to Synergetic (versions 71.0103-71.0204).


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Process any pending online payment detail updates field.

You can select the Process any pending online payment detail updates field on the Electronic Banking window to process changes to debtor online payment methods prior to processing electronic banking.

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Note: If this field is deselected, changes to online payment details are processed during nightly maintenance. Please be aware that this may cause debtors to incur a dishonour fee from their financial institution.

Electronic banking
debtor email merge fields for emails and SMSs.

The following debtor email merge fields have been added to allow you to personalise debtor emails:

  • DebtorIDFull: populates the Debtor ID
  • TotalOwing: total amount owing
  • CurrentBalance current balance including charges the debtor has not been notified about (e.g. upcoming payment plan charges)
  • BPAYReference: BPAYReference number.

Tip: You can quickly create an email or SMS for all debtors by right-clicking the Debtor Selector and selecting Email All Records or SMS All Records. See Sending emails from a grid.

Note: Currently, this functionality does not support sub-ledger accounts for debtors with multiple accounts. That is, sending an email or SMS to the sub-ledger account populates the details of the main debtor account.

Using the Send Email(s) window

Using merge fields in emails and SMS messages