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Use the Activity tab to:


Additional uses of the Activity tab

You can use a database query or a stored procedure to list all the people who have the Mail Rqst (request) flag set. For example, this can be used in mail merges with Microsoft Word.

The crspFutureActivityPrint stored procedure has the advantage that in addition to retrieving key activity data it also updates fields to indicate when the letter was printed (Mailed Date) and by whom (Mailed By). See Using stored procedures to retrieve Synergetic data in the Extracting data manual.


Current Student Maintenance - Activity tab key fields and buttons





Filter activities displayed in the grid.

Select one of the values from the drop-down list. This restricts the activities displayed.

If this filter is selected and you click Image Removed Image Added, the Activity field is set on the Create New Activity window, along with any related selections.

Maintain the values in the luActivity lookup table. See luActivity lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Grid area fields




Identifier for the activity planned.


Date the activity is scheduled for.


Status of the activity. For example:

  • Complete
  • Incomplete
  • Waiting for someone.


Person in your organisation who is responsible for the activity.

Follow Up /
F'Up Date

Indicates if a follow up is required and if so, the date the follow up is scheduled for.


Notes regarding the follow up.

Mail Rqst /
Mailed Date /
Mailed By

Indicates if a mailed request is required and if so:

  • the date the mail request is scheduled for
  • who mailed the request.

Activity ID

Unique number identifying the activity.


Unique number identifying the follow up to the activity.

Created By

User ID of the user who created the activity.




Image RemovedImage Added

Add an activity for the prospective student. See Creating activities (Current students).

Modify the highlighted activity. See Modifying activities (Current students).

Delete the selected activity.

Print a report for the selected activity. For example, an offer letter.

The report must be:

  • Created using Crystal Reports.
  • Placed in the Synergetic site reports directory.
  • Set up with the correct parameters. Contact Synergetic Management Systems to set up a report for this purpose.
  • Defined in the lookup table for the type of activity. See luActivity lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

    : If a report is not defined for the type of activity, the following dialog window is displayed.

    The report prompts you:
  • If any of the required parameters are missing, such as Mailed Date and Mailed By fields.
  • If a form letter, or similar report, is set up to be addressed to one of the student's contacts.

    This is set using the ReportPromptContactTypeFlag field in the luActivity lookup table. See luActivity lookup table in the System maintenance manual.