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Use the External tab to record details of:

  • any languages the student is studying outside your organisation
  • details of other organisations that the student is currently attending.


titleOpening the External tab

To open the External tab:

  1. Select Module > Students > Current Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Current Student Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the current student functions by clicking .
  2. Search for the student. See Searching for existing students in the Current students manual.
  3. Click the External tab.
    The External tab of the Current Student Maintenance window is displayed.

The External tab contains two sub-tabs - the Languages Studied and Other Schools Attended sub-tabs.

Current Student Maintenance - External tab key fields and buttons

Languages Studied sub-tab fields




Language being studied externally by the student.

Study Type

Classification of the study.

Start Date

Date that the study was started.

End Date

Date that the study was finished, if completed.

Other Schools Attended sub-tab fields



School Code

Unique code identifying the external organisation that the student is attending.


Full-time equivalent. If a student is attending an external organisation, specify the amount of time expressed in a decimal format, compared to full-time attendance.

For example, if a student is attending:

  • 2 days a week, specify 0.4
  • half-time, specify 0.5
  • full-time, specify 1.

Start Date

Date that the student started attending the external organisation.

End Date

Date that the student finished attending the external organisation, if they have completed their study there.


Synergetic ID for the student.




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Add a new row at the bottom of the grid. Type in the details in the grid.

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Delete the selected row.

The following message is displayed.
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Click Image Modified to confirm.