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The NZMOE eReturn window is used to:


titleOpening the NZMOE eReturn window

The NZMOE eReturn window can be accessed from either the NZMOE tab of:

  • Import/Export Student Data, when processing roll returns
  • Current Student Maintenance, when retrieving and checking student NSNs and identity details.

To open the NZMOE eReturn window:

  1. Either select:
    • Module > Students > Student Data Import/Export from the main menu.
    The Curriculum CouncilWA SCSA tab of the Import/Export Student Data window is displayed.
    • Module > Students > Current Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Personal tab of the Current Student Maintenance window is displayed.
  2. Click the MOE tab or the NZMOE tab, respectively.
  3. Click .
    The NZMOE eReturn window is displayed. 

NZMOE eReturn window key fields and buttons





Web address of the web service that is used to transmit eReturn data from your organisation to the New Zealand Ministry of Education (NZ MOE). The web address does not need to be changed.

The URL (Universal Resource Locator) address is:

The web service conforms to the WSDL (Web Services Description Language) specification for the transmission of XML documents.

School ID

NNZ MOE identifier for your organisation. This is used to provide secure access to the web service.
This is configured by Synergetic Management Systems and cannot be changed.


Password used to provide secure access to the web service.
The password is:

  • supplied on an annual basis by the NZ MOE to Synergetic Management Systems
  • distributed to the individual organisations by Synergetic Management Systems.

Display Reminder

If selected, a reminder message is displayed when the authorised user logs in.

Wrapper Address

Network address where WS Security Wrapper (Wrapper/WSS Wrapper) is installed. Communications between the Wrapper and the NZ MOE web service are secured via WS security and the use of digital certificates for encryption and signing.
For example, the Wrapper Address is set to local host when Wrapper is installed on the same server as Synergetic.


Port number that Wrapper is running at.
The default port for Wrapper is 7123.

Use Proxy

Select, if a proxy server is used at your organisation.

You may need to ask your network administrator to set up the proxy server parameters.

Proxy Address
/ Port

IP address and network port of the proxy server to be provided to the WS Security Wrapper.

Proxy Username

Username to be provided to the WS Security Wrapper.

Proxy Password

Password to be provided to the WS Security Wrapper.




Save any changes made to the configuration settings.

Set back to the default settings for your organisation, leaving School ID and its Password unchanged.

Test the connection with the NZ MOE web service.
The following dialog is displayed if the connection is successful.

If not successful: