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You can use asset definitions to:

  • add, delete and rename asset types
  • link an asset type to an asset general ledger code
  • define the depreciation rate and method used when running asset depreciation calculations
  • link the asset type to depreciation profit and loss expense accounts and balance sheet accrued depreciation accounts
  • define the profit and loss account to record any gains/losses on the sale of an asset
  • define the general ledger account to record any private use associated with the asset type.

What you can do:

What you can do...


You can:

  • categorise assets into types
  • link these types to the general ledger accounts
  • define the depreciation method and rate used when running the asset depreciation calculations.

Asset Definitions Maintenance - General tab (on page )

View the assets that belong to a particular category of assets.

Asset Definitions Maintenance - Assets tab

(on page )