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Note: You can import the Master Class Report .csv file into Synergetic using the Synergetic Timetable Import/Export program. See Importing timetables into Synergetic in the Synergetic Curriculum manual.

For related videos, see Videos.

To output the Master Class Report to Excel for Synergetic:

  1. Select Reports > Master Class Report from the main menu.
    Image Modified
    The Master Class Report dialog window is displayed.
    Image Modified
  2. Select Export CSV File.

    Close any currently open Excel files.
  3. Click Image Modified.
    The Export Format dialog window is displayed.
    Image Modified
  4. Click Image Modified.
    The Save As dialog window is displayed.
    Image Modified
  5. Either:
    • type a new name into the File name field
    • select an existing file.
  6. Click Image Modified.
    The Confirm dialog window is displayed if you are overwriting an existing file.
    Image Modified
  7. Click Image Modified.
    The Master Class Report is displayed in Excel.
    Image Modified
  8. Delete the header row from the CSV file.