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In SynWeb, you can define a substitute staff member or classroom for a specific class period if the regular teacher or classroom is unavailable. This function is only available in SynWeb.
You can:


Note: When a class substitution is created the staff member taking the substituted class automatically receives the Class substitution created Action Centre message.

For information about enabling and customising Action Centre message types, see Maintaining Action Centre messages in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

How to

What you can do

What you can do...


In SynWeb you can:

  • view a staff member's substitutions
  • select a class to define a substitute staff member or room.

You can:

  • define a substitute staff member for a class
  • define a substitute room for a class
  • automatically email the substitute staff member with the details of the lesson.

In Synergetic you can:

  • set whether the staff member is available as a substitute
  • set the campuses they can substitute at and their current workload per timetable cycle
  • set the load adjustment required based on their current workload per timetable
  • view substitutions that the selected staff member has for the selected file year.

Staff Maintenance - Substitute tab in the Synergetic Human resources manual