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You can use SynWeb to record student attendances to meet the needs of:


New Zealand schools have particular requirements, governed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. See Attendance codes for New Zealand schools.

Synergetic functionsWindows client

Synergetic and SynWeb are complementary programs using a common database. For example, any attendance records created in SynWeb are available to update in Synergetic and vice versa. The two main advantages of SynWeb are that:


Absence event records are created for any absent students. These need to be followed up by the Attendance Officer, or the person in a similar role at your organisation, in Synergetic.

Any functions available in SynWeb are also available in Synergetic, except staff substitutions. However, not all Synergetic functions are available in SynWeb. See the Synergetic Attendance and absence events manual for information on the following tasks: