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When you first start maintenance functions within SynWeb, a search window is displayed. For example, the Set Staff Search Criteria window.

Note: Your previous settings on each Search Criteria window are retained from the last time you used it. Click to reset all the settings to their default values.  

How to use the Search Criteria window

On the Search Criteria window you can:

  • Click , leaving all fields blank. This returns all available records in SynWeb and displays them on the next window.
  • Restrict the search by entering information in one or more fields and then click. You can enter all or part of a name in a field and use wildcard characters to further narrow the search. See Using wildcards to search.
    The more fields that you use to search on, the more filters you apply so that less data is returned. Less data for SynWeb to process means that less time is taken to retrieve the data


  • |

    Note: Make sure that you enter the required data into the corresponding fields in the correct format. For example, you must enter the ID as a number and not a letter or alphabetic character.
  • Click a letter of the alphabet to display a search results grid of all records whose last name starts with that letter.

At any stage you can change your selections. To do this, click  and then make your new selections.

Fields that you type in are not case sensitive and can be entered in either upper or lower case or a mix of upper and lower case. For example, name fields are not case sensitive.

Fields that have a drop-down list to choose from are case sensitive and depend on how they have been set up in the database lookup tables. We recommend that you always select these fields from the drop-down list rather than typing them in to avoid issues of case sensitivity.

Choosing a selection from the search results

You can easily choose a different record when the records are displayed on the search results window. To display a different record click the launch link on the selector grid for the required record, as described below.

To choose a selection using the selector grid: