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If the community members in the tag list are not already members, save the tag list into either a specific:


This is the main method used to convert community members from a tag list to a more permanent group, either as a user-defined constituency or a class.

To add the community members in a tag list to a user-defined constituency:


Add Tagged IDs to Constituency window key fields




Constituency code:

  • Synergetic constituencies are prefixed with @
  • user-defined constituencies generally do not have a prefix.

Date Joined

Date the community member(s) is added to the constituency.

Related Campus

Campus the community member(s) is a constituent of, if applicable.

For example, use this field when a new staff member is appointed and assigned to a campus.

Related from Date

Date the community member(s) started their involvement relating to the constituency. For example:

  • a member of the School Council constituency has the date they started at the school in any capacity as the From date.
  • a member of the Past School Council constituency has the date they started at the school council as the From date.

Related to Date

Date the community member(s) was removed from the constituency.

Note: Do not complete the field when adding community member(s) to a constituency. Some organisations may use this field when entering historical information or when they know the date that the community member's constituency membership ends.