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  1. Open the Absence Events Maintenance window. See Absence Events Maintenance window.
  2. Click Image Removed Image Added .
    The Create Absence Events window is displayed. See Create Absence Events window.
  3. Select the absence event type required.
  4. Click to launch the Search Students window.
  5. Search for the student who you are creating an absence event for and click Select. See Searching in the Introduction manual.
    The student's details are displayed in the Student Details area.
  6. Enter information about the time or date of the absence and who reported it in the Date & Time area.
  7. Enter the absence type and reason, and make any comments necessary in the Absence Details area.

    You can click to search for any absence events already created for the student. For example, if a teacher has already marked the student absent or present in class. If events are found, select Yes to supersede the teacher's attendance or absence slip.
  8. Click .
    The absence event is created and the Absence Events Maintenance window is displayed with the absence event in the grid.