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  1. Select Students > Attendance Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Attendance Maintenance Search Criteria window is displayed.

    You can also open the Attendance Maintenance window for a class by clicking on the class in the My Timetable / Attendances grid on the Home window.
  2. Select your attendance mode:
    • If you select Teacher, SynWeb treats any information about absences as possible until the Attendance Officer, or person with a similar role, confirms the details of the absence event.
    • If you select Attendance Officer, SynWeb treats any information about absences as definite.

    See the Synergetic Attendance and absence events manual for information about functions available to Attendance Officers.

  3. Search for the class. See Searching for attendance records.
    A list of classes matching your search criteria is displayed.
  4. Select the Class launch link of the class you are marking attendances for.

    You can click on one of the other fields in the same row if you prefer.

    The Mark Class Attendance window is displayed. See Mark Class Attendance window.
  5. Select the Attended field for each student present in the class.
  6. Click.
    The attendances are recorded.