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You can check the spelling of comments for the selected student, using the icon associated with:


Note: At many organisations, spelling checks are set to occur automatically when you save the record. In the following examples, it is assumed that this is not the case.

To check the spelling of comments for the selected student:

  1. Open the Single window of Results Maintenance. See Results Maintenance - Single window.

    You can use the Class window to quickly check the spelling of multiple students' comments in succession. See Results Maintenance - Class window.
  2. Locate the Comments field to check.
  3. Click the  icon associated with the comment.

    The UltimateSpell window is displayed. In this example, one of the words is not in the dictionary and therefore needs attention.
  4. Either:
    • Correct any spelling errors. See UltimateSpell window key fields, links and buttons below.

    • Ignore any words that are not in the dictionary but are valid for your organisation.
  5. Repeat step 4 for each word that needs attention.
    The following dialog window is displayed.
  6. Click .
    The Comments field is updated with the corrected text.

UltimateSpell window key fields, links and buttons



Not in dictionary

The word highlighted in red is not in the default dictionary and may be misspelled.

Change to

Suggested alternative word.


List of suggested alternative words.
To select one of the suggested words:

  • select the word in the Suggestions field
  • click Image Modified.

Command links



Look up my meaning

Link to **

to display the meaning of the selected word in the Suggestions field.
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Image Modified

Ignore the suggested change for the word.
For example, a word commonly used at your organisation is correct but is not in the default dictionary.

Image Modified

Ignore all suggested changes.

Image Modified

Add the word to the dictionary. The word is no longer detected as misspelled.

Image Modified

Change the highlighted word to the correct word in the Change to field.

Image Modified

Change all incorrect words with their recommended changes.

Tip: It is useful to check the text after selecting this option to avoid any unintended changes.

Image Modified

Expand the options area and select to ignore:

  • words in uppercase letters
  • words in mixed case
  • words with numbers
  • repeated words
  • internet addresses
  • email addresses
  • filenames
  • HTML tags.

Image Modified

Accept any changes made and return to the previous window.

Image Modified

Return to the previous window without making any changes.