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  • Avoid strong reflections on the device screen, as this will affect how quickly and easily a barcode can be scanned.

  • Ensure the height elevation and angle of the device provides allows for easy access to users of varying height access.:

    • As a starting point, avoid having the top of the device higher than 120cm from the ground.

    • Tilt device slightly upwards, but avoid If in a low position, try slightly tilting the device upwards, while avoiding strong reflections from overhead lighting.

    • If it is an option to do so, consider having two kiosks at main entrances; one placed lower, and the other higher.

  • Do no not place and any obstacles in front of kiosk devices that which would force users to reach further than necessary, of or even block access for wheelchairsby wheelchair.

  • Consider if the kiosk can easily be approached from the side, or front only. Side-approach (or parallel-approach) allows wheelchair users to get closer, thus reach higher more comfortably.

  • Ensure there’s sufficient space in front of the kiosk, where multiple people can wait without encroaching on each other’s privacy, and for wheelchairs to turn around. Especially where only front-approach is possible.